TOKYO PIGSKINは、世界でも有数な産地、東京の墨田で、品質高く仕立てられた豚革です。100%国産豚肉の皮だけで自給できます。豚革は、軽く、摩擦に強く、毛穴に3つの穴があり、貫通しいて通気性に優れています。天然の機能で、くらしを豊かにする皮革です。


TOKYO PIGSKIN is a high quality pig leather made in a well-known production region, Sumida in Tokyo.Only skin from pigs produced in Japan is used.Pig leather is light and resistant to friction. The pores each have three penetrated holes, which allows for ventilation.The natural feature of pig leather has the ability to enrich your life.